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We here at Robbie Cattle Company are humbled to work alongside great people and we can appreciate the hard work and dedication that both ranchers and feeders have put in to provide a wholesome product to the people of the world. RCCI will continue to serve our customers and work together to produce quality beef because we are confident and proud of the product that our industry provides.

Welcome from Scott Robbie of Robbie Cattle Company Inc.

I have been in the business of buying and selling cattle for over 20 years. I have sold quality cattle from Montana’s dedicated ranchers to commercial and small farm cattle feeders of the Midwest during good markets and bad.

My business is to help the Montana Rancher market his cattle to the Midwest cattle feeder with the goal of providing a product of quality and potential for profitability. To accomplish this, I strive to be on the cutting edge of livestock marketing either through video & internet sales or direct contracting with contacts that are aggressively involved and excited about the betterment of the cattle business.

Different markets require different strategies and I am always working to do the best job possible to reward the Montana Rancher for his hard work and dedication, as well as provide feeders with the kind of cattle for the show pens of their lots.

I am committed to building long-term relationships with my customers in hopes of a profitable future and a commitment to western traditions, values and integrity.



Cattle Sales (Licensed & Bonded)

  • Direct contracting
  • Video and Internet Sales (Northern Livestock Video Representative)
  • Website cattle marketing or sales

ConneXion Cattle Feeding & Development Center

  • 1000 head feeding capacity
  • Custom Processing
  • Short-term cattle hotel
  • Long-term development

Outdoor Arena & Sale Barn

  • Cattle handling and training
  • Bull and Horse Sales
  • Horse and Horsemanship training
  • Ranch Rodeos/ Ranch Ropings
  • Youth Rodeos
  • Event Hosting and Catered Dinners

Our Mission Statement

Marketing high quality Montana cattle, promoting integrity and the western way of life.

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Current Cattle Consignments

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  Building relationships in the cattle business benefiting both buyer and seller.  
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