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Robbie Cattle Company Inc. Company History

“It sure makes a difference when you know somebody cares.” This was the motto for the Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch founded by Franklin Robbie, my grandfather, in 1957. More than 50 years later, the ranch continues its dedication to the care of Montana’s troubled youth and their families. It’s from this “Legacy of Caring,” that my wife and I have learned to live by for the last twenty years. In that time we have raised a healthy family and run our own business Robbie Cattle Company Inc. and continue to keep our values in mind.

Being raised in Montana around great ranching families, I developed a love for the cattle business and more importantly, the people involved in it. I began my college education at Montana State University and finished at Western Iowa Tech with a degree in Livestock Management. This required a lot of time at the Sioux City Stockyards, learning about marketing cattle.

I married my wife Mitzi and was soon hired by a cattle company that marketed cattle across the United States. This gave me great experience in seeing cattle from different parts of the country and I began to appreciate the high quality genetics from my home state of Montana. In 1991 my son Boe was born. Mitzi and I felt a strong need to get back to Montana, where my dad offered me a job as a Field Representative for the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch in their Livestock Department. This gave me the opportunity to see up close of how important my family’s “Legacy of Caring” was to me and how I might be able to incorporate those values with my passion for marketing cattle.

In 1996 Ted Larson and my mom gave me the chance to begin a career buying and selling cattle. Three months later Ted went to be with the Lord after an accident. Wanting to continue on, and with the help of Ted’s reputation and his contacts, I was able to operate Larson Cattle Company with great success. My second son Ty was born a few months later, driving my need to support my family.

After five years of operating as Larson Cattle Company, I changed my company name to Robbie Cattle Company Inc. to develop my own identity as a company marketing cattle for Montana Ranchers with the spirit and integrity my family’s legacy is known for.

In 2004 I added video and internet marketing capabilities to Robbie Cattle Co. Inc. through Northern Livestock Video. Developing relationships with people who are aggressively involved in the betterment of the cattle industry is a priority.

Now, over 20 years later, you can see how Robbie Cattle Company Inc. has been started and now takes shape. In the future, it is our mission to fill the voids of communication and build stronger relationships with our sellers and our buyers. Every year we will travel out to both see the cattle we marketed as well as strengthen the relationships with the feeders. We will try to bring back information on the cattle as well as what the needs are of the cattle feeders. We strive every day to provide the highest quality service in marketing cattle through video, internet or the old fashioned way, where a man’s word and handshake are his bond.

As our business has grown our family has become a more integral part of our operation. After teaching first and second grade for the past 8 years, Mitzi is the administrator for RCCI. She also helps with any and all work around the feedlot and has done so much for all of us in the past 25 years. Boe heads our livestock activities with ConneXion Cattle Feeding as well as being a representative buyer for Robbie Cattle Company. For the past year now, Payden Talbott has hired on as a cattle feeder, cowboy, farrier and so much more. He works very hard for our business. We also welcomed on Jason Swanz as a representative buyer for RCCI. Jason is a Montana Rancher through and through and brings his unique experience and his great reputation from his family’s ranching heritage to RCCI. Ty is progressing his career in college and works very hard on the football team at Montana State. Go CATS!

My grandfather’s “Legacy of Caring” still influences my business, my relationships and my life. Through this website, I hope to reach out and make new relationships and help others market their cattle successfully.

  Building relationships in the cattle business benefiting both buyer and seller.  
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