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Robbie Cattle For Sale

Robbie Cattle Co. has several methods to help market your cattle. You may contact us with any questions regarding the markets, buying and/or selling cattle, and the different marketing techniques we use. Half of our business is still done where a man’s word is his bond, by private treaty and the other half is done by Video and online marketing. Click below to fill out our consignment form so we can easily learn more and advertise your cattle online. It costs nothing and you are not obligated to sell through RCCI. More Competition for your calves helps you realize more value!
Consignment Form

Northern Video Representation

  1. If interested in consigning your cattle to Northern Livestock Video, you may contact us by phone or email and we will respond as soon as possible. We can answer any questions you may have.
  2. We will fill out a contract that allows you to set your own selling conditions, such as shipping date, location, weights, shrinks and slides. This allows you complete control over the selling parameters at sale time.
  3. Then, we will come and get a few minutes of video to get a visual representation of the cattle for sale day. This easy process can be done out on the pasture with minimal work. There are no upfront consignment fees.
  4. We will then handle everything until sale day when your cattle are broadcast on the national stage with buyers across the nation bidding for your cattle.

Country Cattle - Small Scale Marketing

At RCCI we know that most cattle producers do not have a herd large enough to sell full truckloads of cattle. Often times the only option for most producers is to haul cattle to the local sale barn and take the price given at auction. We want to offer two alternatives to these producers:

  1. Marketing Associations
  2. Private Purchase

Marketing Associations

Marketing Associations be a great alternative for producers because it can give them the selling power of the larger ranches. A marketing association works when several smaller producers can pool enough cattle together to make at least one 50,000lb load of cattle of same sex and similar size, breeding and health programs. This gives them the ability to sell their smaller herd of cattle while combining numbers with other producers to achieve the premium that full truckload lots can bring. If you are interested in forming a marketing association, we can help you to set up a marketing plan. If you don't know of other producers interested in a marketing association let us know and we can help to find others like you and help you in the process.

Private Purchase

Another option to consider would be to sell your cattle directly to Robbie Cattle Co. Selling privately to RCCI instead of hauling calves to the auction allows you to negotiate the price that you want for your cattle. We have a Legal-for-Trade Certified portable scale so we can weigh right in your corrals at your convenience. Weighing calves at home greatly reduces shrink in your calves which you normally incur when hauling to the auction, where your calves are stressed and often sit over night in the stockyards until they are sold later the next day.

Any questions or interest, you can email us on our Contact Us Page or you can call our representative:

Boe Robbie
Licensed & Bonded Buyer

Consignment Form

Current Cattle Consignments

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  Building relationships in the cattle business benefiting both buyer and seller.  
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