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Cattle Feeding & Development

Robbie Cattle Company further serves its customers through its subsidiary ConneXion Cattle Feeding & Development. We will also manage cattle on different leased pastures throughout the summer depending on availability.

ConneXion serves to start calves on feed and custom process them in our backgrounding program. We are also able to hold cattle for short-term hotel situations, as well as for long-term development or growing situations before turning out to summer grass.

Value Added Services

Contact Boe Robbie for more information on any of these programs. 406.855.0051

Weaned calves bring a $14-$18 premium over un-weaned calves at sale time. At ConneXion, we can wean your calves onto a feedlot starter ration, give them feedlot preferred vaccines, and get them over the 30-day health slump. When these calves arrive at the feedlot, they will be healthy, hungry and ready to gain & grow. Feedlots prefer weaned calves because they decrease health and labor costs so they are willing pay a premium! Our program can net you an extra $15-$25 per head profit.

Carcass Data Collection – Montana Cattle ConneXion Program
Robbie Cattle Company Inc. has set up a new program to gather important Feedlot Performance and Carcass Data on your calves to give you information as well as a marketing tool. In the past, it has been very difficult for producers to get information back on their calves. RCCI, through its facilities, personnel and relationships in the cattle industry, is willing and able to provide our customers with an opportunity to gather this important data. This data will become more and more important in coming years as our industry becomes more transparent and information will be key. Montana Ranchers produce the very best cattle in the world, however, due to tightening margins in the feeding industry, Montana Calf Premiums have slipped. As Montana Cattlemen and Cattlewomen, we need to provide the information that PROVES Superiority of Montana Beef.

Wintering Cows
Our feeding services can also be effective for adding condition to cows in the winter. We can buy hay and feed from you to offset the cost of feeding your cows. Average cost of wintering cows on a ranch with full hay can cost over $2.25 per day after you’ve added fuel and labor costs. Coupled with sub-par gains from eating only hay, the cost of 1 pound of gain can be well over a $1.50. At ConneXion, we can winter cows at less cost with far better weight gain. Cows in better condition in the spring will calve easier and milk better, therefore producing a bigger calf. This also frees you up for the winter to cover other projects and maybe just go on a vacation.

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