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Feedlot Procurement

Click below to view our Current Show List. Our reps have access to update this list live any time day or night so if we have any information on cattle you will see it here.
Show List

Modern cattle marketing requires the use of new tools and new marketplaces to effectively buy and sell cattle. Direct contracting, video and internet sales are all tools that Robbie Cattle Company uses to sell nearly 20,000 head of cattle from Montana ranches to feedlots and grass programs all over the United States each year.

We deal with all kinds of cattle all over Montana and will work hard to find cattle to fit your operation. We are ready to work for you to find the kinds of cattle that suit your needs, whether you want light calves, grass or stocker steers on up to 8-weights and yearling replacement heifers.

Robbie Cattle Company specializes in marketing quality Montana Feeder Cattle. We feel that Montana has some of the highest quality beef cattle in the United States. The combination of quality genetics, high-mountain climates and the nutrition of mountain grasses, coupled with strong management and dedication by Montana's Ranching families creates a quality product with great potential for profitability.

Most all cattle that we deal with have great preconditioning programs that give them much more longevity in the feedyard setting. After leaving Montana, these cattle continue to perform through harsh heat and bitter cold and deliver a high quality carcass in the process. The cattle we sell will perform so well that we encourage feeders to market the finished steers on a grid that rewards them for quality. Here is a sample of steers we have fed and finished ourselves.

Direct Contracting by private treaty

  • Building personal relationships with contacts who are aggressively involved in the cattle industry
  • Offers private terms to reach mutual agreements

Video & Internet Sales – Representation with Northern Livestock Video Auction

  • The new modern marketplace for seeking true price discovery
  • Exposure to the national market
  • Representation on NLVA, the premiere market for quality Montana cattle

Online Consignments

  • Country cattle advertised for online exposure

Order Buying

  • Feeder Cattle procurement
  • Breeding Stock from registered breeders for your herd
  • Ranch Horses

Consignment Form

Current Cattle Consignments

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feeding cattle
  Building relationships in the cattle business benefiting both buyer and seller.  
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